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Monday, September 12, 2005

Absolutely unbelievable ! I've set up this blogsite solo, no IT guy, no friendly, wifely, or kidly guidance. Fellow office workers are struck dumb by this unprecedented event. No matter that I can usually be found in the OED under technophobe, but also no-one has ever underestimated my ability to screw up a computer program. Shock waves are radiating from the computer. They're recalibrating the Richter scale.
Which brings up an interesting question: am I really happier in the Computer Age? Now that I can reach out and touch someone virtually instantly, I am continually reminded that touching slowly was a lot more fun. For instance, virtual sex may be a lot less strenuous (or sweaty) than the low-tech method, but my preference remains the latter. But I digress.
Our assignment from our esteemed professor, hereafter referred to as McE for condensation purposes (not condescension, we leave that to faculty), is to read a bunch of blogs so that I'll have some idea of how to write one. This, of course, makes the assumption that my ego will allow me to actually learn from experience. Many people, including my wife and 76% of the people who know me have some scepticism on this possibility. Well, off to read. Later.


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