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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

My eyes are blearily meeting on the bridge of my nose after reading other people's ideas, musings, and rants for several hours. My initial amazed thought is wondering how the human race has survived this long. The self-doubt, paranoia, anger, contempt, fear, and out-right viciousness I'm finding in a large percentage of bloggers is downright scary. The exceptions, however, may make the whole process at least edifying, and possibly even worthwhile.
McE suggested looking at Technorati's Top100 Blogs. Since for class purposes this equates to an edict from Delphi, I have reluctantly complied ('reluctantly" only because I have never taken direction well, especially from those in authority). As a brief aside, I point out that this personality characteristic has caused me considerable difficulty in life, but also has led to a great deal of fun, including a satisfying anti-establishment stint in SDS and screaming at (then) Governor Ronald Reagan from atop a Volkswagen at the Berkeley riots. But, once again, I digress.
In TT100 Blogs several things made an impression. In cartoonist Dan Clowe's interview, his comment in reply to the question "How do I know I want to be a cartoonist?" was "if you can't not do it, that's when you should do it ". This describes exactly my motivation to be in this program and concentrate on writing more. It really hit a perfect chord.
I found the contrast between the ultra-liberal world view expressed on Daily Kos and the opposing ultra-rightist links suggested by Glenn Reynolds on Instapundit really hysterically funny. It makes you wonder what history will make of all this 200 years from now. Guess it depends on the historian, or what administration is in power.
Of all the blogs I read on Technorati I thought the stories on "Drew Curtis" were the most illuminating, not so much the articles themselves but the comments from the peanut gallery. The combination of ignorance and bias on display was spectacular. More on that aspect of my blogging experience later.
My fingers are weary. Onward and upward! Later.


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