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Wednesday, October 05, 2005


At last all is revealed. I now know how to get a high pass (which I apparently need to continue my studies here) from McE. First, I have to participate in class discussion. This is a totally unfair requirement for a shrinking violet such as myself, and to think I was considering allowing someone else to share my weekly classroom monologue. Secondly, I need to demonstrate that I read the blogs that are assigned each week by commenting (briefly) on them in my blog. I should like to point out here the absolute stupidity of taking this course and then not doing the course reading, but then I guess we have to have some objective standards in education. Maybe some Mastery Tests, then we could get government funding.

In a moment, I will incisively comment on my adventures this week in blogville. But first, I'd like to list my motives for this course. (1)I'd like to definitively learn what constitutes a blog.(2)I'd like guidance in selecting interesting blogs to read, and listen to my classmate's commentary on same. (3)I'd like to create a blog myself for my own pleasure and develop some writing skills.(4)I'd like to get a high pass from McE. Unfortunately for my scholastic future, my order of interest is 3, 2, 1, 4, but I'm sure student desperation will set in later in the term

The following is for demonstration purposes only. My favorite "credentialed" blogger by far aws the first one that I read, James Wolcott. I like the fact that he provides lots of interesting background for his commentary , even though some of the items (for me) fall into the category of arcana. For instance, I really liked all the somewhat slanted info on the Kurd's de facto independence movement, and I've been following the Hollinger case(I am, after all, a stock broker). On the other hand ,I had no idea who Valerie Phlame is, and now that I do, I don't care. I like Wolcott's taste in entertainment , like CSI (the original) and Law and Order (although anyone who's been as unfairly treated by the Federal court system as I has serious reservations about L&O). And his comments on Harriet Miers' nomination, "crony" rather than conservative, are right on. I gues we should expect good taste (and grammar) from a Vanity Fair editor.

I was already familiar with Eric Alterman, having seen many quotes from "Altercation" in the Wall Street Journal. I've also had many 4 hour arguments with my friend Hugh Ryan (who was con way before neo) about media bent, and I used quotes from Alterman's "What Liberal Media " to make my points. He does tend to oversimplify,such as making sure to label each blogger he quotes as "liberal", "moderate" or "radical right". Oh well, Brooklyn College. Was that supercillious? For God , for Country, for Brooklyn College. It just doesn't have that ring.

Sorry, sometimes I get bored doing this stuff.

Roger Ailes is too damn full of himself . (I should talk). I found it interesting finding Wolcott on his enemies list. Did I miss something? I did like some of his anti-bigotry ironies, though. Some of the web slang went way over my head, or under my age bracket. What in hell is "Schadenfreude"?

Wonkette is terifically funny, albeit a little too self-conscious in her raunchy off-color satire. Some of it was like watching slapstick comedy, you know it's way over the top, but you can't help laughing. Thanks, Wonkette, I needed that after two days of bitter diatribe.

In general, I found these "credentialed" bloggers to be more celebrated than good, sardonic rather than satirical. That's a broad stroke with obvious exceptions, but it's my blog and my opininion.

It's much more fun to blog my world view than to comment on other blogs, but if I must.....


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