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Sunday, November 06, 2005


I'll get to my comments on religious blogs down below somewhere, but we're sitting on a powderkeg and this situation needs to be addressed.

Three hours after my last blog bewailing (again) the prevalence of white-dominated PREP culture at Trinity, ABC television news ran a commentary on racial profiling at our school. In the '60s and '70s, this would have fomented a voiciferous rally against the campus and local police, strongly protesting the fact that OUR school could be associated with such heinous practices. In these days of Reagan-Bush majority dominated social smugness, there is not a peep from the student body. Some of this stems from the fact that diversity at Trinity is a concept that seems to have bounced off the glass ceiling of our admissions policies (my evidence of this is simple observation). Another possible explanation is the confortable apathy of a generation permeated by a conservative political philosophy that believes in a "silent majority" and a "moral majority", neither of which exist.

My reaction to all this is "watch out". You'll never see it coming. While it is highly unlikely that there will be any action taken on campus, look around you. Our neighbors on all sides are not nearly as complacent or accepting as you of the social norm. If I were a black or latino living in the vicinity of Trinity and I saw instances of racial profiling, I'd be damn mad and I sure wouldn't take it any more. It's time for us,as students, to go farther than being (McE's words) "observant scribes" and take a more active role.

If not, you can see the results in today's AP article by John Leicester on the snowballing unrest in France. The Frence are smug bastards insisting on social conformity of their immigrant population(sound familiar?). The French didn't see it coming either.

Come on, classmates. Let me hear from you. Opinions,anyone?

Yes ,I have read the damn religious blogs. Will comment.Later.


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