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Friday, December 30, 2005


BORA TAGGED ME (see, I wrote a title like I promised)

Bora (Coturnix) plays a game on his site ( in which he "tags" some people (?) to fill in a bunch of categories involving personal choices. I'm apparently "it" today, so here goes:

Four jobs I've had in my life- Rod man for a surveyor (you have to dig those damn monument holes), Fuller Brush Man (ring 100 housewives doors a day and you'll learn what "desperate" really means), Polical speech writer( one guy I wrote for ended up face down in SF Bay, it's OK nowadays, though, he was a liberal), Stock broker, from which I need an occasional break, which is why I write)
Four movies I could watch over and over- 1000 Clowns (too bad Robards died), American President (shhh, I'm a liberal), High Fidelity (Cusack's a genius), and of course, Casablanca
Four places I've lived- Carbondale, IL, New Milford, CT, San Francisco, CA (during the flower-child days), Worms, Germany (no, I'm not old enough to know Martin Luther personally, but I could use a good Diet)
Four TV shows I love to watch- Numbers ( to get in touch with my nerd side), Arrested Development (it's the only way to feel good about my upbringing), Lost (because I am, usually), and Grey's Anatomy (the female interns are HOT).
Four places I've been on vacation- Cancun, mexico (where I lost a golf ball in an iguana hole, you get a free lift, if you dare to reach in), Amalfi, Italy (only married a year, then, I played no golf) , Aspen, CO ( I climbed to the upper lake at Maroon Bells- gorgeous), Disney World (took kids, then grandkids), I also went to Mardi Gras, but I can't remember a thing after Pete's)
Four websites I visit daily- I check on my classmates- nileblog.blogspot, thescreaminmemey.blogspot, takethisdotcom.blogspot, and of course, brettevans.blogspot. If you're wondering why I don't just link you to them, my ancient computer doesn't seem to want to let me.
Four of my favorite foods- porcupine meatballs, javanese sate ( I first had it at Trader Vic's, now long gone- if you couldn't score after sharing those humongous tropical drinks you're a eunich), chicken mole, and corned beef hash (for breakfast)- also anything extremely caloric.
Four places I'd rather be- Roaring Fork River Valley (they still have cattle drives down Main Street), Lake Garda, Italy, Studio 54 (in 1977), in Michelle Pfeiffer's bedroom (by personal invitation)
Four albums I can't live without- Tom Lehrer (If you can remember him, you're too damn old), Ella's Greatest HIts, Julie London ( the sexiest voice in recorded history), and , inevitably Patsy Cline

Now that I've proved myself to be a man of impeccable taste, Bora, help me find the memeing of life.

Oops, forgot to "tag" . I tag Brett,



Anonymous colleen said...

I haven't been tagged in a while. I'll happily do it...but it will probably be later next week. I have a flow on the go. OK?

6:56 PM  
Blogger coturnix said...

Wow - Great Answers! I knew you would have some interesting secrets to share! Thank you.

9:26 PM  
Blogger Brett said...

I'll get on that next week. I'm on a vacation from blogging.

9:23 AM  
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