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Friday, December 09, 2005


It's blizzarding out my window, which is forcing me to play hooky from work and recuperate from last night's "end of class" festivities. A full evening it was, complete with a little nostalgia, a little mauldlin sentimentality, and some immature excesses on my part- all in all a satisfying night.

The evening started with Brett and me meeting before class at the Bistro, mostly for some serious discussion about the merits of campus life and, far more importantly, the merits of the outstanding display of pulchritude available for our critical observation. Brett, who is 26 and single, and I, who am neither, nonetheless share amazingly similar views on this subject. For example, a sweet, young thing passed by evoking very little reaction from either of us, Brett because she wasn't attractive enough and me because she wasn't old enough. But as she passed, both of us snapped our necks around simultaneously so hard we'll probably need traction.This SYT's posterior made Jennifer Lopez's look like Twiggy. When she passed by again I briefly swapped pleasantries with her. Her friendly response surprised Brett, whose technique is to make eye contact and then ignore his target (prey?). I don't know why this works, but it does, a lot.

At that point , Elin showed up, followed soon after by Patti and Joal. Elin, who is very attractive and intelligent (notice the word order of my description) can really crack the whip with a sarcastic comment. She dragged out this particular weapon from her arsenal when she discovered what Brett and I had been doing. For the sake of my ego, I'm omitting her comments, but she did ask us to point out the young lady in question. It didn't clarify the matter, the SYT was sitting down.

Class was anticlimactic. We had come to a realization that we had been part of something special but no one came up with a spectacular finale, so we decided to do the next best thing- take the action to a local tavern and drink a lot. One thing though, I got really feel-good goodbye hugs from Jen and Brie. I got a nice handshake from John, too but it just wasn't the same. I'm resigning myself to a permanent hetero bias.

After class, a bunch of us repaired to the Arch Street Tavern for some libation and sentimentality, from whence, I believe, comes the term "crying in your beer". To liven the proceedings, I proposed a well-deserved toast to Colin, who had earlier made the analogy of himself to a lion-tamer in this class. I am blogger, hear me roar! I think Colin surprised even himself with the effectiveness of his teaching. Maybe that feeling of experimentation was a factor in the success of the course.

I then had an inspiration. I called aside the barmaid who was serving us (cute, sassy, working her way to a Finance BA at UConn). I asked her to walk up subtly behind Brett's chair, breathe into his ear, and murmur loudly "I love English Majors". I then told everybody (except Brett) what was going to happen. Diana the barmaid was a natural ham, so the gag went well. OK, it's a lot funnier after 4 beers.

Lots more happened, but due to privacy issues and the Patriot Act I'm stopping here.Later.


Blogger Brett said...

Yeah, we definitely violated the Pariot Act a couple of times last night.

4:06 PM  
Anonymous colleen said...

Love the last line. It makes me imagine all sorts of thing. I enjoyed reading this. I'm wondering how many blog classes like yours might be happening worldwide now.

7:43 PM  

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