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Wednesday, November 23, 2005


One of the problems I have with anger is that I never know where to direct it . If I aim it at myself (where it usually belongs), I don't get rid of it, I just get madder. If I direct it (inappropriately or not) at someone else, I merely feel guilty for not taking personal responsibility. Guilt is easier to handle than anger, so guess what I do. I'm constantly amazed that people put up with me.Some don't, but unbelievably only a few.

What I'm currently angry about is blowing up yesterday's blog before I published or saved it. I had an electrical problem which I tried to fix by flipping the switch on my fuse box which wiped out a post I'd worked on achingly for 2 hours. Would someone please step up and take responsibility for this act of stupidity. It's way too dumb to have been my fault. My wife refuses to share the blame (just because she had nothing to do with it-she's clearly missing the point). I could threaten divorce, but since I've done that (silently) 10,328 times in the last 38 years, I believe that tactic will probably will not succeed. She may be on to me.

My missing blog concerned my distrust of women with whom I haven't had sex. I bet THAT got your attention! It was inspired by my vicarious reminiscing while reading of the blog of a young friend of mine, who shall be unnamed here.The post was "R" rated, which means you couldn't understand it unless accompanied by a 17-year-old. I'll try it again when I'm in the right frame of mind. It was really good . You don't know what you missed.



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