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Sunday, November 27, 2005


The main reason I'm writing this is to keep from working on my term paper. I'm in avoidance mode (1)because I haven't written a major theme paper in 40 years, (2) because I'm intrinsically lazy, (3) because I know already what I'm going to say so the actual writing feels like a boring rehash, and (4) I think I have writer's cramp. Since 4 is the direct result of 1, 2, and 3, and since I've rejected the solution of pouring Ben-Gay in my ear, I think I'll work through it with a little homework blither.

Reading comments on Aldon's "Blogging Alone" post on Orient Lodge yielded a real gem. Colleen Redman, who blogs at "" wrote this incisive and revealing thought regarding her goals in blogging: "One is to create a time capsule of my life...and the time and place it is set in. Another is to build readership and as a contact place for my book.Also, it is a very social thing for an introvert like me who can only take physical outings in small doses." Not only does this describe a large percentage of bloggers (except for the book part), but it also jibes with some of my paper's discussion of blogger's motives. This quote goes directly into my theme. See, this blog has already accomplished more than avoidance.

Maybe I'll delay a few more days and proceed directly to panic. This mode guarantees action but it may lessen the quality a tad. Or not.



Blogger Nile said...

First of all, you're not proscratinating, you're conducting further research. You're also preparing for class. How can that be bad? Note to Colin: can I create the first blogged paper? Starting....NOW!

Colleen's comment (how easily we fall into the familiarity of first names here) is interesting: is blogging first and foremost the province of the anti-social? Not that introverts are anti-social, of course (and we usually misuse the word "introvert"), but perhaps I should say, less social? I have a lot of interaction with people in my job and my life, so I'm not necessarily looking to create connections outside of that. Actually, if I have free time, I like to nap. So I probably never would have been attracted to blogging had it not been for this class, because I don't feel a need for more connections in my life. As I said, I'm looking for naps. So are those naturally attracted to blogging those we joke about, sitting in their parents' basement with too much time and not enough human contact? Is that who invented this stuff?

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