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Thursday, January 05, 2006


A Woman of Stature

Last night, while eating a little and talking a lot with Brett at Arch Street Tavern in another failed attempt to regather a few of our blogging classmates, governor Jody Rell walked in. She had a small entourage of women power brokers, including her (somewhat tarnished) Chief of Staff, sitting at the next table to ours. We could overhear some of the conversation, but tuned out to keep from a fatal attack of boredom. She's a nominally good polititian, but a very mediocre conversationalist. She is obviously not the titular woman of this blog.

That woman arrived as a part of Brett's entourage. I knew her previously from two venues; (1) the night our class met at the Wooden Tap and, much more significantly, as (2) the infamous Librarian of Brett's blog
There were 4 reasonably intelligent and unreasonably voluble men at the table , but with little apparent effort she controlled the tenor of the evening. Brett is clearly (and justifiably) smitten with this lass, as it seems were we all within 15 minutes of her arrival.

A physical description is necessary to the narrative at this point. The Librarian is averagely tall, has autumnally red hair and Irish good looks, including that delightful creamy skin that women of Eire naturally possess.She would never, in the words of Irving Berlin, be snapped by photographers for the rotogravure, but exudes a subtle sexuality that draws you inextricably toward her. This attraction increases the longer you're in her presence, and because of the lack of blatant intention, it makes for comfort and humor rather than sexual tension. Jane Austen, not Henry Miller, and just as caustic.

The evening was replete with an overdose of ribaldry (I don't think I personally crossed the line more than 5 or 6 times, and always reined in by guess who?). Bad off-color jokes mixed with occasional bits of honest humor and even some personal revelation strung out the evening pleasantly. The Librarian flirted gently with the guy across from her (not R-Dogg but D from NB), but she kept a careful eye on our hero Brett, making sure he was included. Masterful subtlety, complete control of the environment. I can't think of a time I was more impressed by the use of feminine wiles. I tried to rattle her with a suggestive remark as we left, but she deftly parried with a well-delivered nose wrinkle. Unbeatable.

If I ever delude myself into thinking that women are not the far superior gender, I'll think back to last night and rapidly rethink. A more devastating display of the advantage a woman has when she uses her personality combined with pulchritude I have rarely witnessed, and I loved every bit of it.



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She is indeed quite a woman

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