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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I Can't Help It, She's Just Annoying

I think I agree with about 78.7% of what Hillary Clinton says, which for me is a very high number. She's a liberal thinker, she keeps a reasonably open mind on social issues, and her economic views would have the government distribute money to trickle UP rather than the Reagonomic opposite (which ludicrous reasoning my insufferable acquaintances, who think that they're richer than they are, are always defending). My problem with Bill Clinton's wife is that she seems to have to concentrate to remember how to be a human being.

An example of this is back when her husband tripped and fell into the open mouth of Monika Lewinsky. Any woman confronted publicly with this flagrantly delicious situation would have whacked him upside the chops and told him (again publicly) that if he ever did it again she'd give him such a kick in the gonads that he'd feel it to the end of his second term. Women all over the country thought he'd gotten off easy and allowed Congress to persecute him instead. Alternatively, she could have said that she had given him permission to chase young women around the White House and all was forgiven. (On the other hand chasing is usually all right, it's catching that causes problems). The bottom line is she lost an opportunity to appear humanly female.

Now when I watch her she always appears to be carefully posed, never making an unstructured move. This kind of emotional control will inevitably lead to a build-up of internal steam that explodes like the altercation with Barack at the debate the other night. I almost expected her to flash her claws. I would have prefered that spewing of real emotion to the caterwalling that actually occured. Come on, Hill, break that facade and lets see what your gut reactions really look like.

That debacle left me totally annoyed. The candidates to whom I'd been most attracted looked about as presidential as Mike Tyson, AFTER prison. Come on, I can't vote for Huckabee, who defines himself by his evangelism (scary, we've already elected a man who calls this a "Christian country" and look where that got us, still fighting the Crusades against the Arabs). I can't vote for Mitt Romney, who's so conservative that his chauffeur takes three rights to make a left turn. McCain is only here because Noah pulled him out of the flood. Edwards is so bland that he needs vanilla to spice him up.

This leaves Hillary and Barack, and Hillary has been annoying the cr-p out of me.

Please, Barack, all I'm asking is for you not to shoot yourself in the foot for the next 10 months. And don't turn out to be annoying.



Anonymous blue girl said...

Hey Papa Bill!

Glad to see you're back.

Hillary's in a tough spot. She's pretty much damned if she does and damned if she doesn't in every situation. The media analyzes her every word and expression. She's either the Ice Queen or The Woman Who Choked Up and Can't Control Her Emotions.

I never really cared about the Monica Fiasco because I really felt it was none of our business. How someone handles that publicly is something I don't think any of us can judge. I know lots of friends who went through the same sort of thing and publicly, they never let their true emotions be known either.

But, I've got to say....I don't like Obama. He never *says* anything. While it would be a relief to have a president who can actually *speak*, I'd really like to hear what he really thinks. I don't need a preacher.

Obama's very general when he's talking. We have too many things to fix for him to be so general. If the Democrats can't stand firm and speak out against all that has gone wrong because of Bush's policies -- policies that the majority of the country are against -- and offer real, concrete ideas as to how to fix those things -- I think we're in more trouble than we think.

4:35 AM  

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