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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Drivin' Around

Now that my new knee works well enough to operate a vehicle, I get to indulge in one of my favorite pastimes--driving about town pretending I'm doing vital errands but really just bopping around running into various denisens of my suburban environs. Since I've been out of commission for awhile, I've noticed an increased awareness of my surroundings. Food tastes delicious. I'm finding significance in the creakings of my house. Women's perfumes smell sumptuous, and all female bodies and visages have taken on an allure that I don't remember their having pre-operation.

An example of this heightened sensitivity and appreciation occurred at the library. Unfortunately, Cheshire does not hire it's librarians from the Sport's Illustrated swimsuit issue. Usually it's easy for me to concentrate on picking out books because on Bo Derek's scale of 10 these ladies are, even optimistically, mired in minus territory. Today, however, one glance behind the counter and I had a pant's tent of major proportion. (It's probably too much information, as my friend Brett always tells me, to mention that I was travelling commando today). Anyway, I'm sure these were the same damsels that I see regularly at my bibliotech, but vive le petit difference. Maybe it's the vicidin.

Then I went to Marshall's to get a back pack book bag. (It's hard to get up the steps to class with books and a cane, which I'll need for another week or two). At the counter, a Sweet Young Thing suggested I try the truffles that they had on sale. After determining that truffles were all that was on the menu today, I broke down my non-existent will power and bought some. Back at the car I opened a wrapper and popped one in my mouth. Ecstacy! I've actually had ecstacy at a Rave once and I swear it didn't taste this good. If I were a female in a romance novel I'd have ripped my bodice and swooned. I had to put the rest of the truffles in the back seat so that I could drive home.

Sight, smell, taste, hearing, touch (you don't get to hear my experience on this last sense,I don't do XXX ratings on my blog) I just hope I don't come down off this post-op high. Maybe the surgeon put me in a permanently altered state, or maybe it just feels so good to stop hurting. Either way, until I stop feeling this way, I'm gonna keep drivin'.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Papa Bill,

This is your date-girl who's silly husband was jealous of our tete-de-tetes! Don't be mad - be flattered. I'm glad to see I made it to your blog - nice to know our coffee dates mattered.
Anyhow - I happened upon your lovely Mug in the Hartford magazine today at the gym. Nice exposure! Best get your act together now and write that damn American novel you keep threatening us all with. Also glad to hear that you're on the prowl again with your knee and colon back in commission again. Continue my friend... continue.
Happy Spring and Cheers.

7:15 PM  
Anonymous ariola said...

"I've actually had ecstacy at a Rave once"
elaborate please :)

10:56 PM  
Blogger Papa Bill said...

arola, I told the story of my ecstacy experience on this blog a few months ago, but for you I'll do it again later this week. Stay tuned.

5:57 PM  

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